Schematic Review: Time Crunch

This will be a short post with pretty pictures.

Schematic Review is Wednesday night. So, much of the last month has been storming and trying to turn my concept into an architecture. Here is the recap:

My thesis

My thesis

My Thesis Client!

Q: Who would you choose as a client for a thesis that inserts a Moroccan cultural trade school into the existing community in the South End? 

A: A knowledgeable Moroccan who know’s Moroccan history, trade, crafts and how to design for occasions. 

In other words, a business man who knows Moroccan Handicrafts and who guides tours of Morocco. 

Thankfully, that is just the type of client I have found. AND He is open to discussing the project with me!

Many thanks to Addi Ouadderrou who agreed to meet with me to discuss my project. 

The next steps are to investigate all of Morocco in regards of architecture, and culture. 

One of the great hints that Mr. Ouadderrou gave me was to become familiar with the Imazighen or Berber culture that is native to Morocco and all of Northern Africa. I wouldn’t assume that Moroccan culture is originally French because of the great influence that French colonization had upon Casablanca. In the same way I cannot assume that Moroccan culture is originally Arab just because that influence occurred before the influence of the French. The geography is also a distinct factor in building types and influences on Morocco. 

So on into the history books. 

This will be a crash course in order to get me grounded in Moroccan history for my next review on the 31 of October. Happy Halloween :)